Which Numberjack Are You?

For those with young children you’ll probably know what the ‘Numberjacks‘ are. Charlotte really got into this show whilst holidaying in the UK and watching it on ‘CBeebies‘. Soon after we returned to New Zealand she was extremely excited to see it coming to Playhouse Disney (and counted down the days till it’s premier showing!).

She is a number lover at heart and this program really goes a long way to making numbers ‘cool’. Numberjacks helps young children develop early maths skills, knowledge and understanding whilst keeping them highly entertained with slapstick comedy and superhero thrills. The Numberjacks are ten small superhero numbers, 0-9, with 3, 4, 5 and 6 as the central characters.

So, which Numberjack are you? Go on, have some fun, spill the beans and let me know! Charlotte is definitely ‘Four’, Sophie is taking on the character of ‘Two’ and will be ‘Three’ a long time before she reaches that relative age. And me? ‘Nine’, naturally the oldest and wisest (yer right!).

Numberjacks is so popular as to be feature on a five year old’s blog (yep, a five year old has a blog!). I wonder if Charlotte will be touch typing by the age of five? She already knows how to work a mouse and it’s only a matter of time before she has HTML sorted! Well, her Daddy is a geek after all!