Vibrant colours after the rain

Long awaited rain finally blessed the ground with its presence this weekend. It’s been so long since we’ve had rain that it was welcomed with the unfurled embrace of every leaf, flower and blade of grass. The birds are lively and chirpy; our cats are relieving their thirst by licking the rain drops as they fall from the leaves; and the girls overturned their gumboots (which had become spider homes over the dry-summer) and gave them a good bash before racing out to jump in the puddles.

I’ve been ill most of the weekend, but it was comforting to lie in bed listening to the rain-drops descending upon the house and garden. The vividness of the colours in the garden seem too good to be real and almost seem ethereal. The air is rich with the fresh smell of rainfall and nature is celebrating.

Our clocks turn back next weekend, so I’m sure this rain is just a taster of more to come, and I’ll try to be as positive and welcoming towards it when it takes on more regular onslaughts! Thankfully, temperatures are still warm and the air is calm – which makes for my favourite kind of rain showers.

Last week the sun shone strong every day and I was almost getting complacent about the good weather. I felt for Dan, slaving away in the office, and know he would have loved a weekend at the beach; but he’s having a good time with the girls regardless. He’s taken them out to Junglerama, the playground, the museum, super-market shopping… anything to allow me some time to get well and rest up! He’s such a great husband and a wonderful father – I’m one very lucky lady!