Rain free Saturday!

News break: It didn’t rain on Saturday! Pitches across Wellington actually had players on them. Children danced on the side-lines, cheering on their sporting hero’s (in our case – Daddy O!)…

Dan only played half a game (as there was such a surplus of players keen to actually get a game in) – but it was just as well – as he reported after the game (in confidence – but what the heck – it’s here for the world to read now!), “I was knackered after 20 minutes!”.

Unfortunately we missed his goal as we were busy turning into prunes at the Spray Pool adjacent to the soccer pitch; but he was chuffed to tell us he’d scored as he soaked his aching muscles in the pool after the match!

Chez Lee have been spending a lot of time in the water lately – we love the stuff! Sophie gets a little disturbed at her prune finger’s after an hour or so… but this doesn’t stop her. If we’re not immersed in water, we’re on it – and on Saturday morning, with the sun blazing, we took a pedalo out on Wellington’s lagoon on the waterfront.

This was after having caught some ‘Big air’ on the vertical bungy. When we turned up there were no customers. By the time we’d finished, with shouts of ‘Big air’ everytime the girls bounced higher than the surrounding trees, there was a line of willing thrill seekers! The guys there know us well – and our next jump is free thanks to our regular patronage.

After the thrill seeking there was time for some old-fashioned fun, ice-creams and a few games of ‘hide-and-seek’ on the ‘City to Sea’ bridge and a quick stop at ‘Big Thumb‘ for some yum char for lunch.

Phew: What a Saturday!

And I haven’t even mentioned – but I’m going to – so give me some ‘brownie’ points right now – my mammoth two hour cleaning session before we left the house in the morning! The accumulation of dust upstairs was at risk of becoming a health hazard, so whilst Dan kept the girls entertained I braved under the beds and round the skirting boards (impressed? – I am!). Then it was time to dash off to ballet – oh yes – we ‘did’ our demi-plies and first positions too!

Sunday was a little more sedate – I was still in my dressing gown at 10.30am (shocking!). The girls are really sisterly these days and entertain themselves really well. They hardly ever watch T.V. and much prefer to play together – it’s gorgeous to see the bond they have and they are so lucky to have each other. Dan and I have so much more time in the day to actually hold hands and be together – without a child hanging off a limb! We all feel so strong together.

These girls need some Grandma assistance with the dreadlocks!

After a lazy morning – which is my favourite way to start Sunday – we rushed out the door to Charli’s swim class and enjoyed another prune experience at Karori pool. Her teacher reports she’s reached all the targets on this terms class and will be moving up a grade or two next term! Go Charli – reckon there’s a ‘Gold’ medal in those water wing’s of yours?!

Sunday finished up with some retail therapy at Lyall Bay’s Airport Retail Park and a cuppa at the ‘Flying Saucer’ cafe – which is a little hidden gem off the main drag and has tons of aeronautical paraphanalia adorning the walls.

The girls enjoyed colouring in a picture whilst Dan and I had a moment of peace and Charli gave her finished artwork to the owner – she’s got such a generous heart. She did the same on Friday, after school, at ‘Mint’ cafe (at Lyall Bay’s Airport Retail Park). And on school pick up she gave her ‘Olympic Medal’ she’d made to a friend, as her friend remarked that she’d not had a chance to make one. Charli simply said, ‘You can have mine, it’s fine as I can make a new one.’ She is really thriving these days and loving school; where she has some wonderful friends that came up from Kindi with her and made many new ones too. The parents are all awesome too and many of the school children have younger siblings – which is great news for Sophie and I, as we have plenty of people to ‘hang out’ with on play-dates!

Anyway, this post is going on and on… and it’s time for bed. I’m limiting my postings to twice a week now – as I have so many other things that need to be done (and other interests I want to pursue – else I’m in danger of living my life electronically!).

Thanks to the ‘Weather God’ for holding off the rain on Saturday. It rained today, but hey, it wasn’t going to ruin our parade. I hear the quiet of the clouds now as I type – the tin roof above my head is silenced, for the mean time. I’m not even looking at the forecast for tomorrow – because we’ll be sure to have a bright day whatever.