So Proud!

Last weekend Charli said she’d like to audition for her end of term ‘Performance Assembly’. She had a few ideas on what to do, ranging from a dance to the Transformer’s theme tune to a dance routine learned from classes. In the end, she decided to sing one of her favourite songs from a Disney Collection book she has had for a couple of years. The song she sang, ‘Son of Man’, by Phil Collins is well known from the ‘Tarzan’ movie and has the most wonderful lyrics.

Well, she practiced secretly in her bedroom – we weren’t allowed a sneak preview (though of course there was plenty of listening through the door!). She went to the audition on Wednesday – and got through! She was the only student from the ‘Juniors’ so she was pretty brave (but she didn’t see it like that). We quickly realized that she was totally not fazed about standing up in front of the school. She wasn’t at all nervous and for us to say, ‘Aren’t you nervous?’ – would only make her think, ‘Should I be?’. So, we simply said how proud we were of her and to have fun.

Anyway, today was the day! Sophie skipped Kindi and we picked Dan up from work. We watched the most wonderful performances from so many talented children and waited nervously for Charli’s turn (we were definitely more anxious than her!). She was second to last and as her name was called out the whole school erupted in cheers of ‘Go Charli’ and a big applause. There is such a wonderful spirit in her school and the Senior children go out of their way to support and encourage the Juniors.

She loved it! We were willing her through and so in awe of her spirit and inner confidence. She is nearly six and each day brings us new surprises. She is blossoming and we feel so privileged to have her in our lives.

And, Charli, here’s the video clip from the Tarzan film – you have watched this so many times – but I want you to remember how much you loved it…. for when you’re older. We’ve also read the book together a few times (and now you can read it all to me!). We are so very proud! Go Charli! You light up our hearts xx