Beautiful Birthday

I try to ignore the day approaching on the calendar. I tell myself, ‘It’s just another year, no big deal.’ I don’t want the fuss and fanfare. I’d rather organise my children’s Birthdays and watch the smiles on their faces (so long as they are well behaved and very grateful for all my hard work!). But my children won’t let my Birthday slip without some sort of celebration and when the day actually arrives I secretly enjoy it.

For the past week they’ve been counting down the days and informing me, with regular updates, as to exactly when my Birthday will be and how old I will be. Sophie said we should make a cake – but the thought of me going to all that effort for my own Birthday didn’t hold much appeal.

Well, this morning I could hear the excitement in their voices as they woke. I was with Alice, who wasn’t yet awake. I called out that I’d be down in ten minutes (a little lie in is of course deserved on one’s Birthday). Well, I thoroughly enjoyed my lie in… till 7.30am and mustered up my finest Birthday smile. As I walked into the living room, strewn with balloons and a Birthday banner draped over the piano, they jumped out at me from behind the sofa with, ‘Happy Birthday!’. They’d laid the presents out on the table and were so eager for me to open them, ‘Now! Now!’. But with the broken sleep I’m getting I really can’t function until I’ve eaten breakfast, so I insisted we were all fed, dressed and ready for the day before the pressies were opened. Thankfully they weren’t too disheartened with my response and happily sat up to eat.

I then watched as my presents were opened for me, whilst I fed Alice. I did manage to tear the odd corner and open a couple, but had to plead to do so – as my helpers, particularly Sophie, were rather enthusiastic present openers!

DSCF7022 DSCF7021 DSCF7020

Charlotte had made me a collection of beautiful paintings and artwork, which she’d wrapped and placed in a box she’d decorated – so sweet. And Sophie drew me a lovely card. Dan gave me a lovely book of piano ballads and a great Icebreaker top. The cards from my parents and sister had me filled with tears and the girls were a little worried about me not being ‘happy’ on my Birthday – but I quickly laughed at myself and explained they were ‘happy’ tears. My lovely parents-in-law and sister-in-law sent me beautiful jewelry and my dear Mum sent me some clothes and a tear jerker book of quotes – she always knows how to hit the spot! And my dear sis sent a lovely bag and a top, which is lovely but not baby proof (will have holes in it instantly if worn whilst carrying Alice!). So I was thoroughly spoiled and am very, very thankful 🙂

After all the excitement it was time to get out the house for the day. Dan took Charlotte to school, whilst I dropped Sophie into Kindi (with Alice kindly filling her nappy enroute and requiring a change). Dan and I then rendezvoused at Queen Sally’s Diamond Deli for a coffee in the sunshine, before parting ways. The caffeine really hit the spot.

I then dashed home for a visit from Plunket (District Health Nurse) and Alice performed beautifully, weighing in at nearly 6kg at 9 week’s old. She’s grown nearly 10cm in length and her head is 6cm bigger too. So all up, she’s a perfectly happy camper on Mamma’s milk.

IMG_0215 DSCF7017 DSCF7003

The heaven’s really blessed me with a stunner of a day on my Birthday and the sunshine really was the best present of all, as well as having a fabulous, happy family too of course!

DSCF7030 DSCF7036

I spent the rest of the morning at Island Bay, with Alice happily sleeping in the front pack. I left the car at the beach and walked to Sophie’s Kindi for pick-up time at midday. She was happy to walk back to the car – with pitstops at the dairy for ice blocks of course. And I indulged in a Cadbury Creame Easter Egg – I am so thankful to my Mum for birthing me around Easter 🙂 !!! She does admit to eating a lot of them whilst pregnant with me – so that’s where I get my love of them from.

Sophie met up with a friend at the playground near the beach and so we didn’t get home till gone 2pm, but I was more than happy.

DSCF7038 DSCF7035

Later on in the afternoon was Sophie’s first ballet class with ‘Time for Dancing‘ and she was SO excited! She looked beautiful and really enjoyed it. They gave her a special bag with her own folder and a dance DVD! Pretty nice start to the class!

Straight after ballet we drove into town to meet up with Dan for a Birthday dinner. Poor Alice was crying her heart out half way there, as she’d had her sleep disturbed so much with all the comings and goings. Once there though she was a charmer and we had a fabulous meal at ‘The Tug Boat‘ overlooking Wellington city and the harbour. With the setting sun we watched the stars appearing in the night sky, marveled at the brightness of the crescent moon and delighted in the twinkling lights of the city. Alice had a big feed too – so large that she then spewed it back up all over me – thankfully a muslin cloth was draped over me and I managed to soak up most of it quite quickly! Nevertheless, she needed a change and I was left a little damp! Cheers sweetie!

DSCF7054 DSCF7048 DSCF7053

We didn’t stay for desert, opting for the cheaper alternative – ice-creams from the dairy on Oriental Parade – ate whilst sitting under the twinkling fairy lights on the Norfolk pines. Alice was totally over-tired by this time, but happily so – tripping out on the lights! She conked to sleep on the drive home round the bays.

So, it was indeed a lovely day and here I am another year older. Four year’s to go till the fabulous 40!