Day 2 of the hols – chilling out

Day 2 of the school hols was all about chilling out and embracing the p-jays. So nice not to have to rush out the door. The girls creativity is coming out in bounds and they’ve completely taken over the garage with cardboard boxes, glue, glitter, tissue paper… the car is officially parked on the drive-way till the holidays are over. Thankfully the sun decided to visit our neck of the woods too, so they weren’t running all over the furniture leaving a paper trail all day.

In the garden they had a beautiful time setting up an obstacle course – where the grass was ‘lava’. They had to get from one end of the garden to the other without touching the grass.

Alice joined in for a bit and the girls incorporated her into their game; whenever Alice looked at either Charlotte or Sophie they had to freeze and could only move when she turned away from them.

Alice in the garden 7 months

It’s so wonderful that it’s warm and dry enough for the girls to play out in the garden again. Little Alice has been looking out the window at the waving trees throughout the winter and is at a perfect age to explore the great outdoors (and eat grass!).

We headed out to the swimming pool after lunch. Alice slept, whilst the girls played beautifully together – I was a proud Mumma 🙂

In the afternoon the girls had a much needed term-break hair-cut and can now see again without the need for copious clips and hair-bands. And we couldn’t resist a little visit to the magical ‘Children’s Bookstore‘ in Kilbirnie… we came away with a couple of small treats.

A good day all round and we’re enjoying the holiday so far (though it’s costing DaddyO a few extra dollars – cheers darling!!!!).

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