Wardrobe Wednesday – dreaming of a picnic

I love this white, romantic skirt from Lakeland. It was bought in the beautiful Lake District of England, whilst holidaying there in 2007, by my dear Mum (and the green top was a Christmas present from my Mum – from New Look in the UK). Looking back on these Wardrobe Wednesday posts my Mum is a great contributor to my wardrobe!

Photo taken by Sophie, age 4, of me sitting down – a rare sight indeed (I sat long enough for her to take a photograph and then made a dash to pick up Alice, who had just toppled over from standing):

Wardrobe Wednesday dreaming of a picnic

When I put on this skirt I feel like running barefoot across meadows of endless pasture (well perhaps skipping a few merry yards to a picnic rug laden with summer fruits is a more tantalizing day-dream).

Barefooted freedom on green summer grass

I tried to create this dream in my photographs today – but in my dream there isn’t a cat ready to pounce on my skirt the moment I lie down…

My cat, always close at my heels

Or a baby trying to crawl up a slide…

Alice trying to crawl up the slide

In my dream I am alone with my thoughts, food, a sketch book and pencil, a good book… My peace is momentarily disturbed by the welcome presence of my husband, who comes laden with a posy of freshly picked, wild flowers. We lie together watching the leaves on an old oak tree rustle in the warm summer breeze.

But after a while we hear laughter and the innocent play of children. In reality we grow quickly bored of our idle interlude and delight in playing with our children. Because however nice it is to have some time to ourselves, it is such a rare event that it would probably take a while to get used to (though it would be awfully nice for just an hour or two… sigh).

Cuddles in the garden with Alice nearly 9 month's old


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