Whooga Boots looking like a toasty Christmas pressie idea!

I am no longer in denial. Christmas is approaching and with most of my family living in the UK I have to be super organized. Thankfully online shopping makes for stress free shopping, there’s no need to pay for crazy postage and I’m not leaving such a large carbon footprint.


Whilst I am baring my twinkle toes at the onset of the NZ summer, and tending to my young seedlings in the garden, my family in the UK are preparing to encase their toes in layers of insulation, whilst watching the glorious autumnal colours beckon in the winter.

Wisley Gardens

It was with this thought in mind that I discovered the gorgeous Ugg boots by Whooga in the UK. Whooga boots are made with the single purpose of being the warmest most luxurious sheepskin boots available, boutique luxury fashion without the boutique price tag. Like! Like!


I LOVED wearing my Ugg boots over winter and thought what a lovely Christmas gift the Whooga boots would make. I can just picture my dear sister wearing a pair (and her toasty toes being very grateful!).

The lovely people at Whooga Boots are giving away a pair every month to subscribers of their newsletter and they are also running giveaways on Twitter. The competition is open to readers from every country!

They are also giving a 10% discount to readers of this blog for one week only with the code 805CHEZ. So if you can’t wait to get a pair, or think they’d make a perfect Christmas gift, then please go and take a look.

As for me, I’m returning to the comfort of my online shopping, crowd free, with a strong latte in hand and my twinkle toes happy at the thought of no pre-Christmas pavement pounding.