Running with heart

SO admire our strong, little runner…

Charlotte running with heart

Having come 2nd in her school cross-country, she was entered to run in the ‘Southern Zone’ against several other schools.

She asked for a ‘big brekkie’ of scrambled eggs on toast and was more nervous about whether the school would have a yellow shirt small enough for her than how she’d get on in the cross-country!

She’s tiny in comparison to her Year 4 peers and the smallest shirt was more of a dress on her, not that she let that hinder her running. She has incredible stamina and gave the ‘Southern Zone’ cross country run everything she had to give today.

Running in the Southern Zone

There was a truly wonderful atmosphere, with all the schools cheering on their fellow class-mates with great enthusiasm. Charlotte had a special little cheer-leader of her own – Alice.

With around 30 other girls competing in Charlotte’s Year 4 race she did exceedingly well of coming 13th! She just kept running and running…! Way to go Charlotte!

Hi 5 from Alice