On the 1st of December from my kitchen window I did see!

I stood in my favourite corner of the kitchen, close to the kettle and the coffee bean grinder. The smell of freshly baked biscuits, and a Christmas scented candle, laid out on a Pohutukawa napkin, greeted me.

My favourite corner of the kitchen this week

I looked through the window, the blue sky carrying the promise of a great summer.

And there, hanging from the branches of the Norfolk Pine tree, were two giggling elves swinging on a rope ladder.

Elves in my garden swinging in the tree

I foresee many hours spent in the kitchen over this festive season, and with such delights to see through the window, a merry time it will be!


Joining in with ‘The Gallery’ where this week the theme is ‘The Kitchen‘.

‘It can be food, or your corner of the kitchen, or something you particularly love in there, your apron, your favourite recipe book. Or even something to show how little you know your kitchen (I have a friend who owns neither a fridge or a cooker. I mean come on! She cooks everything in a microwave).’