Wet Wednesday in Welly

Scorching Bay in the rain –

Some may say it’s not the same –

But for those of us young at heart –

Dancing in the rain is just the start.

Scorching Bay in the rain

In Welly a rainy day, without wind, is special –

It’s a Dr Seuss day of Up for Umbrellas!

But hands free is better –

for playing jump with the waves.


When running in the rain starts to lose its sway –

Even with friends, visiting Welly, on holiday

There’s a warm cafe, by the name of Scorch-o-Rama,

With friendly staff,

views of the bay,

and toys for the little ones to play.

Scorch-a-rama in Scorching Bay

When the eating and chatting,

puppet shows and rain watching,

have done their dash for the day –

There’s a warm Weta Cave, to get cosy with the Hobbits

(or even the Wot Wots!).


Or maybe have a ‘Jane and the Dragon’ moment with a cape and a shield!


After the battle, it’s time to rest – not tattle,

To retreat homeward, and surrender –

to a meal and a slumber.

Then when we’re revived we set out again –

There’s a damsen to rescue from a day of school!

She’s delighted to see us and had a good day –

for that we are thankful and shout, ‘Hurray!’.

We take her to Moore Wilson’s – to view her artwork…

On display in Moore Wilson's

A masterpiece of mouthwatering delight…

Charlotte's artwork - at age 8

And we take home some scrumptious morsels –

to finish the day, now the rain’s given way.

Perhaps tomorrow will be a sunshine day.