A Friday by the pool in style – living the dream!

We hired a cabana by the pool for the day and lapped up the sunshine, swimming and friendly service. Since it’s off peak here we had the pool mostly to ourselves for the day and, as my nine year old daughter rightly said we were, ‘living the dream’!


I felt like an Egyptian Queen (albeit in a Spanish themed setting), not having to lift a finger in the kitchen. Food was brought to us on a tray, drinks carried direct to our pool-side table, fresh fruit was readily available and devoured with a thirst driven from hours swimming in the pool and soaking in the hot tub.

Enjoying the hot tub

The girls sat back and perused the menu with toe tingling anticipation…

Checking out the menu pool-side

Looking very cool in shades…

Charlotte at breakfast

And tucked into the food with great delight…

Food poolside at the cabana

Young Alice enjoying her midday nap in quiet privacy from the back of the cabana…


With the hum of Disney Channel for her private viewing…

TV in the cabana

Whilst I sipped on a chilled glass of local wine and watched over the children playing by the pool. Humming birds hovered over the nectar filled flowers, monarch butterflies glided low over our heads and the sound of the ocean filled our ears.

Mama's wine

It felt like a honeymoon – but with three children to watch over and a husband missing in action (though he finished up work at 5pm and couldn’t get his trunks on quick enough… which I couldn’t wait to get off later!).

And instead of champagne for two – there were cupcake duos and frozen chocolate bananas for two…

Poolside dessert

Two more days here at The Bacara and we’ll be back to reality and home (and the unpacking, the washing, the getting back to routines, and nagging the girls to pick up after themselves). ¬†We’re going to make the most of our last night here, and the weekend together, before heading home on the long-haul night flight Sunday night (US time)!