Lemonade stand for Red Cross and the ‘Hurricane Sandy Appeal’

So proud of the girls this week. They made their own lemonade, having looked up a recipe on the Internet themselves, and then decided to set up a stand and sell it to raise funds for the Red Cross and the ‘Hurricane Sandy Appeal’.

Alice and Charlotte working to squeeze the grapes

I first got an inkling of their idea when I walked into the kitchen to see Charlotte hand-squeezing lemons, whilst wearing a pair of swimming goggles. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photograph at the time… but we did invest in a little machine to make the task a little easier…

Getting down to the serious business of lemon squeezing!

They aren’t always such good citizens (and sometimes the way the treat one another leaves me aghast) but, in this instance, they put on their peace keeping hats and cooperated with great results! Our neighbour’s daughter helped to set it up too. They came up with everything themselves – including canvasing for customers at the local playground! My oldest daughter also volunteered herself for a water pistol target – changing into her togs!

customers at the lemonade stand

They also had a lot of fun squeezing the lemons (I’m trying not to think about how sticky the kitchen floor got in the process!) and Alice thought balancing the lemon skins on top of one another was a great game.

Alice and Charlotte balancing the lemon skins!

With some assistance from her oldest sister they succeeded in making a fair sized leaning tower of lemon skins…

Ta da! Lemon skin leaning tower...

And, no, they didn’t have any grapes.. for fans of the duck song!