Prose for Thought | In Transition – Preparing for an international move (whilst the ground shakes beneath us!)

It’s pretty crazy in beautiful New Zealand right now. We’ve had some big wobbles in the shaky isles, which have been rather unnerving – but that goes with the territory here! This map, from GeoNet, shows all the quakes from Friday 21 July up until earlier today (Tuesday)…

GeoNet map of earthquakes 20 July to 23 July 2013

Pretty crazy amount of activity. We live in Wellington and have felt the quakes greater than 4.5 – particularly the shallow ones. Thankfully we are personally all fine and had no damage to our property. The central city has been affected the worse, with older buildings – many on reclaimed land (that was uplifted in the huge 1855 earthquake), obviously being the most affected. Nevertheless, the damage is minimal compared to what could have eventuated if a high magnitude quake struck under central Wellington. The epicentre of these quakes has been nearer Marlborough, in the upper South Island.

So, whilst the earth shakes beneath our feet, we are counting down to our move to California (another earthquake prone zone) – with just two weeks to go. Naturally, this is a crazy time for our family. Here’s a little poem to express a few feelings of being ‘in transition’.

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