Mini Creations

So many changes this year for our family of five.

We have gone from having three children ‘unschooling’ whilst living in the USA for fifteen months, to having two children at school and one about to make her first school visit!

Meanwhile, the amazing man of the house has returned to work (but not too onerous hours – so still plenty of time to wear his wonderful ‘Dad’ hat!).

Mummy is feeling quite giddy with all the changes, but anticipates feeling like a ‘new woman’ by the end of 2015! The thought of having child free lunch dates with hubby, after nearly twelve years of being a stay at home Mumma (homeschooling for nearly 9 of those years), is delicious indeed! Ahem… anyway, moving on to the point of this blog post – and that is to proudly show-case the creations of the three amazing children those occasional adult only moments created…!!!

Our youngest (who has turned 5 this last week) was inspired to create jellyfish out of clay…


Our oldest daughter (coming up 12 in June!), put together and decorated this ginger-bread house as past of a fun ‘new school year’ activity. The ginger-bread was pre-made by a cafe (and tasted absolutely delicious!), so she can’t take the glory for that – but the decorating and building skills were top notch. She brought the finished work home from school on her Daddy’s Birthday – wonderful timing!


Whilst our middle daughter, age 9, has been doing so exceptionally well in adjusting to formal schooling, after being home-schooled most of her young life. She gave a wonderful speech in class about ‘Needs, Wants & Responsibilities’ and is currently away for two nights on her first ever school camp! She was very nervous about going, but her wonderful Daddy has gone along as parent help. He sent me this photo of her whizzing down a water slide today (and though it’s not a ‘mini-creation’, I reckon she deserves a huge ‘shout out’ for being so brave!!).

Water slide whizzing!



Joining in with ‘Mini-Creations