We’re going on a fungus hunt!

Autumn is rolling into winter fast here in New Zealand, with snow falling heavily on the mountains of the north and south island. Whilst the deciduous trees have lost most of their leaves, the wide selection of native evergreens keep the land looking green (check out the New Zealand native plants guide on the Department of Conservation’s website). On the forest floor all colours, shapes and sizes of fungi are emerging – which makes for a fun ‘natural’ treasure hunt! To help identify New Zealand fungus I use the ‘Fungal Guide‘ from Landcare Research NZ and, on the go, the app from iNaturalist is brilliant!


Alice and Cocoa exploring!

Here’s some pics I took last year (but never got around to posting up!) and I am so looking forward to going on a fungus hunt with my two home educated daughters soon!

Going on a fungus hunt!

Going on a fungus hunt!


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