Reflecting on winter walks in England, whilst stuck in quarantine in New Zealand

It’s day 5 of my 10 day quarantine (MIQ) here in New Zealand. I’ve had 3 covid tests so far (all negative) and am hanging out for my freedom day and to be reunited with my family on the south coast of Wellington. They sent me this gorgeous photo of the sunset, on their evening dog walk last night, and a photo of daughter Sophie splashing in the waves at Lyall Bay.

As I sat in the window seat of my quarantine room I was imaging the scent of the sea air, the sound of the waves crashing ashore and the feel of the breeze on my skin.

The sun makes its way round to my window in the late afternoon and I love to bathe in the warmth of its glow, watching the light bouncing reflections off the buildings and imagine I’m on the other side of the thick glass window.

I’ve been spending my days reading, chatting with friends and family, exercising and watching a few movies. I hang out for the meal deliveries and even a call to have a covid test is exciting (as I get to leave my room and see real people!).

I’ve been reflecting on some of the beautiful winter walks I shared with my Dad and sister over the past month and cherishing the time we had together, even though the circumstances were sad.

We even had a dusting of snow one day, which froze the ponds on the local nature reserve.

I was so excited to draw back the curtains of my old bedroom and wake up to snow – it took me back to my childhood when winter mornings were filled with excited anticipation to see if snow had fallen whilst I slept.

I totally immersed myself in the countryside whilst I was in England. There’s a beauty in every season in England and winter is a time when the full shape of the trees is visible (something we don’t see in New Zealand as most of the trees are evergreen – even four different varieties of New Zealand beech tree).

I loved hearing the different bird call and being followed by the ever curious and friendly red breasted robin as we walked over fields, alongside rivers and the canal. We would be surprised by a heron flying along side us as we walked the tow path of the canal and red kites soaring high above us.

I’m currently in a strange limbo between seasons and the people I love, savouring my small daily dose of fresh air – just 30 minutes every 24 hours! But, the countdown is now on – I’m half way through! Five more sleeps and I’ll be reunited with my husband, daughters and dog! I’d love a fast forward button on time right now!