I’m picking up the pace!

It’s three weeks since I took my first step and I’m picking up the pace fast and want to walk everywhere. I’ve been to the zoo a couple of times in the past fortnight and had a special moment holding Mummy and Daddy’s hands whilst walking between them. It felt so great to be walking with Mummy and Daddy. I was fascinated by the size of their feet compared to mine!

I’m also trying to talk and good at making lots and lots of noise! Some words I’m trying to say are; moon, shoes, more, that, go, balloon, ball, book and lots of others that Mummy and Daddy haven’t heard yet (I like to babble to myself in my cot – it is my favourite place to practice!).

I’ve been spending lots of time playing with my friends and been on quite a few outings to the beach, as we’ve had some really lovely weather (in between the really bad days, when we sing ‘Incy, Wincy Spider lots!). My friend Amber and I love playing together. She keeps trying to tell me to take a break from all the running around I do and stop to eat something. She actually fed me a biscuit the other day as she was concerned I wasn’t eating enough. We love playing on the beach together and chasing balls.

I am really loving the moon at the moment. I love the story, ‘Papa Please Get The Moon For Me,’ by Eric Carle and keep pointing to the sky when it gets dark and trying to say ‘moon’. I actually saw the moon the other day, during the day time – which was very confusing as I thought I could only see the moon at night time. When it was a full moon it was so bright that a shaft of light crept through my skylight window and I awoke from my sleep and had to let Mummy and Daddy know – even though it was 2 o’clock in the morning!

This weekend Daddy bought me a glow in the dark moon, which is on my wall. I’m still waiting for him to get me the real one to play with – even just for a little while – but he says he needs to build a very, very long ladder – and that will take him a long, long time. Oh well!

But since he got me the glow in the dark moon I’ve started to sleep through the night – Mummy and Daddy are hoping it lasts! Did I tell you I have my first molar tooth? Well, I do. It hurt when it came through and I’m not looking forward to cutting the rest of my teeth, but they do help me eat lots of yummy food!

That’s all for now, lots of love to my family and friends, Charlotte xxx