First steps!

I celebrated my very first Birthday and a few days later took my first few steps! What an exciting time this is! See ‘Special Days‘ to find out all about my Birthday and the lovely party Mummy and Daddy threw me.

I’ve had a lovely couple of weeks. The weather has been quite nice (though windy!) so I’ve been playing at the park lots, I love the swings and the slide!

On Saturday 3 July I had a lovely day with my Mummy and Daddy. After my morning nap we went down to the local cafe for a yummy brunch (where I had a marshmallow as a treat and ate most of Daddy’s sausage). Then we went to the playground before going home. Later in the day we had fun playing with my toys and then I was practising going up and down and getting very excited. All of a sudden I took my first few steps and Mummy and Daddy were both there to share my special moment. They were so proud of me. Daddy cried and Mummy got very excited!

The following week I took a few little steps and spent lots of time playng with my friends. It was a lovely sunny end to the week and I walked some more steps on the beach. I went to a party on Saturday and had a lovely day out with Mummy and Daddy on Sunday. We played in the sand, I walked lots more and we went for a walk with me in my backpack. I also heard my Grandma and Grandad on the telephone. I love my family so much.