Charlie the Builder

This morning started at a luxurious 7.10, over an hour later from the usual. I made my missus a coffee (Latte, Cafe L’Affare) before leaving for work. My missus loves her morning coffee. I can’t blame her really – it’s her that has to get through the day with the children. Without a doubt it’s the toughest, most emotional, and physical job out there. It’s also the most rewarding though. Some days I’m glad I do what I do, some days I just really want to be with the family.

I take every Wednesday and Friday afternoon off now as well, to help the missus out. Our little angel Charlie went off in her own world (where she went is beyond us) and before you knew it created this wonderful Lego Zoo.

I find it amazing that even at two and a half, totally unprompted, then can conjure up inventions such as this. Perfect right angles, nicely fenced, great colour scheme! – and this is one of her more simple architectural designs.