Flying Solo

We’re flying solo and coping well, especially with the help of Stephanie at ‘melt-down’ time, three day’s a week, and Daddy finishing work early on Wednesday and Friday afternoons (we have tons of fun and I especially love to go to the wave pool and shoot down the hydro-slide).

We’ve been catching up with old friends and enjoying Play Group. I am enjoying being a big sister, though don’t always realise my own strength and am occasionally a bit rough! I’m very good at keeping Sophie company when she’s feeling lonely (when Mummy is busy doing chores!). I sing her nursery rhymes (in particular ‘Round and Round the Garden, Like a Teddy Bear’ and ‘This Little Piggy Went to Market’) and sing Chitty, Chitty Bang, Bang and Thomas songs too. I also tell her stories, putting words to her picture books…

‘One day, urm, a boat sank to the bottom of the sea, erm, The End’

My fish, Macaroni, Mincemeat and Gold Finger are looking happy and well fed, they are especially pleased with the ‘Rusty Car’ I bought for them to swim in and out of. I ask Mummy, several times a day, to tell ‘The Story of the Rusty Car’, which goes something like this;

Once upon a time a lovely, red sports car was racing through the country lanes, but missed a bend in the road and ended up in a pond. The ducks said, ‘Quack, Quack’, the frogs went ‘Ribbit, Ribbit’ and the fish said, ‘Blurb, Blurb’. Many years passed and the car rusted away, until a man came fishing and caught the car on the end of his fishing line. He happened to be the owner of a pet shop and decided the car find a good home in one of his fish tanks. So, he shrunk the car and put it up for sale the very next day. A little girl, called Charlotte, bought the rusty car (as she loves cars, in particular rusty ones, like the one she visits in the museum) and took it home for her fish tank. Her fish, Macaroni, Mincemeat and Gold Finger were delighted with the car and happily swam in and out of it for the rest of their days. The End.

I am very much enjoying playing and telling stories and it’s great to spend time with other children and play. I rarely have a paddy these days and am getting over my fear of strangers and beginning to understand that it’s okay to let people in shops etc. help me. I even asked to have my haircut at the weekend and sat on Daddy’s knee whilst a very kind lady cut out my dreadlocks! I still have sensitivities about strangers opening doors for Mummy and me, but I’m learning!

I had a lovely weekend, went for a ride on the train and watched a bicycle race (I was brilliant at cheering and screaming!).

I am currently planning a holiday to see some geysers and can do a great impression of one, bubble, bubble, bubble, woooooosh!