We’re on our own now!

Mummy’s flying solo and doing a pretty good job! We have Stephanie to help around ‘melt-down’ time (late afternoon) three day’s a week and Daddy finishes work early on a Wednesday and Friday.

I sleep most of the time, but when I am awake I am all coos and giggles. I crane my head around to see the world over Mummy’s shoulder and look at my sister with a mixture of wonder, excitement and fear! Charlotte loves to play with me, but doesn’t really understand that I’m not old enough to throw a ball back at her, eat chicken biriyani and splash like a fish in the bath.

I have started sleeping longer stretches at night (even going 8/9 hours from 9.30pm). Mummy doesn’t know quite what to do with herself after a good night’s sleep and still wakes a couple of times, out of habit. I’ll probably start waking her up again before too long (Mummy wouldn’t expect anything different after having lived through a couple of year’s of sleep deprivation with my big sis!). I’m still a little chilled bean and a happy observer. My eyes are still blue and my hair is growing fast. I’ve started to reach out and grab things and am getting more wakeful during the day.

I’m just beginning to enjoy bathtimes (it’s a bit of challenge sharing a big bath with a big sister!). I’m no longer clenching up my fists and legs in trepidation and have started to uncurl my limbs with a mixture of wonder and shock!

I’m still sleeping in my Moses basket, but am fast outgrowing it and am putting on the chub! I’m well practised at eating on the run and was born to eat quickly, as days with my big sister are very busy!

I’m missing the cuddles and songs from my Grandmas, but Mummy and Charlotte are doing a pretty good job of keeping me entertained. Life is good on Planet Earth (Charlotte tells me that Grandma and Grandad live on Planet Pluto?!)!