The Bus of Death

Why is it that commuting is such a souless affair? Everyone sits in silence. No one smiles. Why oh why oh why?

The picture above is of the bus on my way home, at a reasonable 6pm. Geez – everyone has just finished work – and not a single smile on the bus. Even when the bus is packed to the rafters there is not a single noise. You could hear a mouse chuff.

It was the same when I was back in London many years ago. Deathly silence.

Humans are funny beasts. It also amazes me to watch an empty bus fill up. Passenger number one gets on the bus, and sits at the back. Passenger number two gets on the bus, sits at front. Passenger 3, the middle. 4, at the 3/4 point. 5 at the 1/4 point. With relentless precision.

The same theory applies to urinals (piss etiquette apparently – slighty more complex however) but we’ll leave that for another day!