Who Needs A Bed?

3 baby filled to overflowing poo nappies (chicken curry anyone?)
2 toddler toilet accidents mopped up
1 bowl of chicken biriyani cleaned up from floor
3 sick covered Mummy shirts in wash

A regular day in the life of a SAHM…

Spent a great morning at a fellow expat’s house and dear friend, Violet. Charlotte enjoyed playing with John, Aidan and their diggers. Violet and I managed to consume coffee whilst cooing over Sophie and delighting in watching the others play (and managing potential bust ups before any blood was shed over toy ownership). We spotted dolphins swimming in Breaker Bay, which made us all feel good about life, and it was a lovely calm morning.

The girls slept in the car on the way home, as I enjoyed a beautiful drive around the bays. Dan took the afternoon off to take Charlotte for a swim, whilst I enjoyed a very relaxing afternoon (thankfully Sophie slept for three hours!).

The girls are now both asleep, Charlotte on her bedroom floor.

‘Charli like sleep on floor with friends,’ she says. Her friends consisting of one green bean pillow, one duvet, one blue blanket and one ‘baldy bear’, so named by Charlotte due to his hair loss (she picked out all his hair!). Well, so long as Charlotte goes to bed happy and sleeps all night, I don’t mind (though do wonder why we wasted $1,000 on a bed!).

The Infamous Baldy Bear

After two plus years of broken sleep, Charlotte now sleeps through and goes to sleep a happy ‘camper’ (most nights).

We are resisting night-time toilet training (even though she has requested going to bed minus a nappy) as we could do without any extra night-time wake ups at the present time!

Sophie is sleeping pretty well and I’m pretty used to broken sleep, now a pro at returning quickly to deep sleep and able to power nap just about anywhere. But REM sleep – what’s that? It’s supposed to be useful for something isn’t it?

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