Winter’s Coming

Today was the last day before the clocks go back, and winter well and truly sets in. You’d never know it though.

The sunrise was once again spectacular and made the early start and groggy head after my “night out” well and truly worthwhile. I remember the heady days when staying out till 3am or 4am was the norm – now if I’m out past 9pm I’m already resembling a overripe pumpkin.

It must have been the Island Bay yacht race today. There was pretty much the whole RPNYC fleet out on the water – and the conditions were just perfect. Having been out on the water yesterday I looked out with envy on the fleet as they reached and rounded the Island Bay mark. Sailing in NZ is so accessible – none of the hoyty toyty stuff you get back in the UK.

As the weather was looking good we took our two littlies to Island Bay, where we proceeded to build New Zealand’s biggest sand volcano, or castle, or whatever Charlotte wanted to call it. Whatever – she simply stomps all over it once she’s had enough anyway.

The clocks go back here tonight so we’ll be in the darkness sooner now. The only upside of this is that the children “go to bed earlier”. Although you never know with our two. We breed insomniacs.