Frank Kitts and the GIANT Slide

We were at Frank Kitts Playground the other day and I really wanted to go down the GIANT slide, but Mummy couldn’t help me climb up (as she had Sophie to take care of), so I decided to find my own way up. Mummy didn’t notice me disappear into the tunnel, until a large school group started shouting from the tower, ‘We can’t go down the slide, there’s a little girl blocking the way!’

It was fun climbing up the slide, but it looked a little scary to go down it on my own and the only other way down, via the ladder, was too steep and busy with children. So, I froze, bent over the edge of the slide, screaming for help! Mummy came to the rescue. She left Sophie with a kind teacher down below and climbed up the tower to sweep me off my feet and whiz down the slide. The children cheered and Mummy was brilliant. The slide was very fast and Mummy had to use her boots to slow us down (there was a smell of burnt rubber as we reached the bottom!). Mummy told me not to climb up the slide again, but did admit that I was awfully clever to have done so (Aunty Claire would have been proud of me, tee hee!).

We went back a week later and Daddy finished work early to have a ‘whizz’ down the slide with me (who’s the biggest kid?!).

Some of my favourite words and phrases:
– That’s hilarious!
– There’s IT!
– Charli can’t remember.
– Charli relegated Baldy Bear to the floor.
– Charli too full of energy beans to sleep.
– Scumdee (Excuse me)
– Charli like all her things dirty!

My latest party tricks�
– Balancing on one leg
– Hopping
– Pulling faces at everyone (sticking my tongue out is a favourite)