Hey, It’s COOL Being Three!

It’s been a while since I ‘posted’ a note on the website, as I have been very busy organising our new house. Being three is very COOL. See how trendy I am in my new hat listening to my latest gadget: a toy ‘MP3‘ (taking after ‘techie’ Daddy already!)…

I love to dance and sing and when I’m frazzelled from all that jazzing I lurve to eat bacon, ELEVEN pieces plllleeeease! And then, once I’m full up and feeling sleepy, I like to talk to the flowers, mmmmm, smell those lillies, don’t they make you feel oh, so dizzy?!

The weather has been very wintery of late, so not much chance to play out, but when the sun does shine we have been walking down to our local beach, where I love to create sand sculptures and collect driftwood for our garden (which Daddy loves!).

Our new house is fantastic and I love playing in the garden and having my friends round. I also love my ‘planet bedroom’ and love to go to sleep starring at the planets, my glitter ball and star lampshade (I also have a very cool torch with different pictures you can put on the front, to make GIANT space and dinosaur pictures on the wall – very cool!).