New Tooth At Seven Months

A new tooth at seven months and food is very high on my ‘things to do’ list! Food is the best toy ever. I can make so much mess with a spoonful of pumpkin and squashed peas are found in all corners of the kitchen. I love to chew on a lamb cutlet and have even had my first taste of steak (mmm, eating with fingers is soooo good, that I must try my toes next!).

When I’m not busy eating, I love to sit and wriggle (haven’t decided how to move, considering bum shuffling, thank goodness for nappies!). I also LOVE to bounce in the jolly jumper and get very excited when Charlotte puts on her favourite Latin American tunes and we shake rattles to the music.


I’m enjoying my new bedroom and beginning to sleep longer stretches (though a new tooth has made me a bit restless). Here I am enjoying a nap in my buggy and waking up all smiles.