Blowing off some steam in Taupo

I recently had to travel to Taupo for a work charity golf classic (yes, I know it’s a hard life). So I thought it would be a good idea to take a last break before the pre-Christmas pile up of work swings into full gear.

Taupo is such a great place for families and we were lucky to be blessed with the best weather for months. We stayed at the Wairakei resort where the International golf course was a stone’s throw away. The place was great – four onsite spa pools, two thermally heated swimming pools, outside bar, two restaurants, kiddies playground and all the mod cons you could possibly imagine. We’d even managed to score a room next to some friends that had also come up for the weekend.

Lil’ Charli loves her geysers so we took her and Sophie to see the world famous Pohutu geyser in Rotorua. Both girls loved it but poor old Charli was a little scared of the huge 30m plume of water and steam that was the geyser in all it’s glory.

When I was toiling at the Wairakei International (I shot a shocking 113) Sarah took the girls to the gypsy fair. Great! We’re putting the travelling spirit in them from the off. They’ll probably leave home at 16. Good and bad, I guess!

We also stumbled upon this place called Lilliput Farm. To say it was run by an eccentric is a bit of an understatement. This old lady just loved and loved and loved her animals. The farm itself was great. Not only did it have farm animals, it had time machines, wishing wells, pirate ships, and one cat that we just couldn’t shake off.

A special mention must go to the cockatoo who had the most wicked laugh you could ever imagine.