Friday Morning Dip

Oriental Bay was like a mill-pond. Not a ripple stirred on the water, apart from those made by the fascinated explorations of children. Sophie was in raptures at the crystal clear water and focused on retrieving pebbles from the seabed and returning them to the water with a satisfying splash.

Charlotte is not one to brave the waves often and was delighted at the calmness of the water. It was beautiful to see the joy in her face as she waded out up to her armpits saying, “Look, Mummy! Look at me!”.

If only Dan could have been there to join us. We would have loved to have repeated the experience at the weekend, but unfortunately the weather has other ideas. It’s the first time in months that Wellington’s wind has shown its bluster and Sophie was a little perturbed at the experience of nearly losing her balance and the sound of the whistling in her ears!