Birthday Blessings

I just celebrated turning 33 and it was the most wonderful Birthday. No big party or big presents necessary. The biggest gifts, those of love, friendship, kindness and laughter were all bestowed upon me (and a good dose of sunshine). Having my two daughters to celebrate brought back all the memories of my own childhood. Charlotte took great pleasure in hiding a few cards and parcels that had arrived prior to my Birthday and each morning she would ask, ‘Is it your Birthday today?’. I half expected to find my presents (or not find them at all!) opened, but Charlotte did a great job in keeping them safe, sound and not too well hidden. In the week prior to my Birthday she took great pleasure in informing all and sundry that, ‘Mummy is 32 and will be 33 on Friday’ (oh the wonderful, innocent honesty of children!).

My Birthday was perfect, with breakfast at Maranui Cafe (Dan walked down with the girls, giving me a few minutes peace to enjoy a shower without the constant call of ‘Mummy, Mummy!’ and to pamper myself with the lovely body butter he’d got me!). The afternoon was spent enjoying a ‘Birthday picnic’ at our local playground with a picnic basket full of goodies. My dear neighbours came down and sang Happy Birthday and I was filled with joy.

In the evening I drank far too much champagne and spoke to some dear friends and family in England. Birthdays are such a special time to thank all the people in one’s life that have given so much and continue to be there.

I am so grateful to have such a beautiful family, near and far, but always in my heart and such great friends and neighbours.