Retail Therapy and Soccer Madness

Family Lee hasn’t been up to much this week. Charlotte kindly brought home a cold from Kindi, but she was only mildly afflicted. The rest of the Lee clan came down with the lurgy in a big way and the sunshine was a thankful blessing in aiding our ills.

This morning we went into town for some important retail therapy. Dan needed new footie boots and went for some Beckham styled ‘go faster’ red stripes on a white backgrounds – actually the colour had nothing to do with it – the price was right – a bargain. And I finally got round to getting my ring finger measured as my wedding and engagement rings were getting desperately tight and uncomfortable. I’ve been meaning to do this for a year or so, but with our 8th Wedding Anniversary on Tuesday I was prompted to get round to it. We parked up in Cuba Street (our favourite Wellington shopping hang out). There is an eclectic mix of shops and cafes on Cuba Street and always plenty of interesting characters.

Midday and time for Dan’s weekly soccer game (he certainly showed that no cold was going to slow him down!). The girls were chanting ‘Go! Daddy!’ and loved playing alongside the pitch at Kilbirnie Park. It was a good result 4:1 to Daddy’s team! The girl’s avidly watched most of the first half, cheering very loudly at each goal score, but by the second half Charlotte got her bag of toys out to entertain little sister. I gave her some money to go into the clubhouse and she proudly made her independent way to the counter to purchase a big bag of chippies and an OJ.

Sophie was delighted to get a chance to hug her Daddy at half-time – it’s a tough job keeping her behind the ‘white line’ at times!