Charli and Sophie’s Saturday of Sunshine

Charlotte and Sophie enjoyed a beautiful day of sunshine on Saturday. We were out on the waterfront all day, with a little ‘break’ midday to watch Daddy play football. Here are some snippets from the girls.

Charlotte: I want to go to the playground with ‘and’ (sand) today.
Mummy: Do you mean the one near the skateboard park?
Charlotte: Yes, that’s the one, correct!
Mummy: Do you want to take your trike?
Charlotte: No, mmm, actually, yes. Yes, take trike.
Sophie: Car! Car! [Runs to the car]
Mummy: Hang on Sophie, lets get our shoes.
Sophie: Shoes! Shoes! [Runs to get everyone’s shoes by the front-door and hands them out.
Mummy: Thanks Sophie, but Mummy doesn’t need her slippers to go out.

After a play at Waitangi Park (where Mummy did a bit of climbing too!) we walked around the waterfront, stopping for a little paddle. Later on, Sophie tests out a public telephone:

Charlotte: Is this sea water Mummy?
Mummy: Yes, love.
Charlotte: So it has salt in it. [Charlotte enjoys a little paddle before deciding it’s time to wash off the salt]
Sophie: Cold! Cold!

Sophie on the telephone: Hi ya! Bye, bye! [Lots of happy feet tapping on the mirrored floor and giggles]

We stop for ice-cream and refreshments at the Lagoon by the Boat Shed, before enjoying a play at Frank Kitts playground:

Time for Daddy’s football. Sophie enjoyed her midday nap and woke to see the last ten-minutes. She tried to run onto the pitch several times, shouting, ‘Go! Daddy! Go! Daddy!’. Charlotte played happily with the other supporters.

We returned to town for a play at Frank Kitt’s Park (more ice-cream) and a pizza at One Red Dog.

Mummy wearing Charlotte’s hat (age 3 to 6 years) and enjoying a soothing ‘Merlot’:

We waited till dark to see the lights (Charlotte has been wanting to ‘be out when it’s dark’ all week). Whilst we waited we enjoyed a quick game of pool at Daddy’s office.

On the way home:

Sophie: Moon! Moon! Moon!