Scooting around Wellington on a sunny Saturday

Wellington is such a compact city, encased in hills and geographically challenged when it comes to expanding (but of course there’s always the option of building up – and one look at the number of cranes on the cityscape exhibits evidence aplenty of growth to the sky). The compactness makes Wellington a neat city to get around. Dan favors a scooter to get from one end of the city to another for meetings. And seeing city folk dressed in suits and scooting, riding a Segway or skateboard is commonplace.

SJ scooting around the lagoon, Wellington

Today, Dan dropped Charli and I off for her regular ballet class. Meanwhile, Sophie and Dan parked up at Wellington’s Waterfront to do some vertical bungy bouncing and eat ice-creams in the sun by the lagoon. After Charli’s class she scooted all the way to the waterfront – nearly a kilometre away and it was so cute to see her swerving around town (carefully, with a helmet I hasten to add).

Charli scooting to rendez-vous point Charli scooting past Te Papa

After an ice-cream break we decided to hire out a croc-bike – which was again a good distance of scooting – both the girls were a hoot running and scooting along. Wellington’s waterfront has expansive promenade space and is extremely child-friendly for all manner of wheels (and there’s such a variety on the market these days!).

Anyway, after some serious hooning around in the croc-bike along Oriental Parade we were ready for some lunch. The girls were possibly the loudest thing on a croc-bike to hit Wellington today! We had such a hoot of a time! After some more scooting we parked up outside St Johns Heineken Bar on the waterfront.

St Johns Heineken Bar, Wellington St Johns Heineken Bar, Wellington - three monkeys!

This bar is a sun-trap and has an almost apres-ski feel to it (even though the nearest snow is a four-hour drive away!). There’s a huge expanse of grass running down to the lagoon and this makes for plenty of dancing space for children whilst waiting for food to arrive (and chill out time for the oldies to relax and enjoy a glass of vino!). However, Dan wasn’t partaking due to a few too many last night! He was trying to make it into the land of the living this morning, but collapsed onto the couch. Sophie and Fairy Charli tried their hardest to cast a hangover cure spell on him…

Fairy hangover cure - first attempt Fairy hangover cure - second attempt!

We finished off our afternoon with more scooting and some time simply chilling out in the sunshine and watching a busker. It’s days like today that anyone living in Wellington really can’t help but feel in love with the city. Personally, I’ve found the winter tough and thoughts of moving back to the UK have crossed my mind. I do miss my family immeasurably, but I’m also a mother raising a family. For now, here in New Zealand is magic for where we are at with our young family. Though, the pull of loved ones in the UK will always be strong as well as the cultural richness and history of Europe. Nothing is ever permanent and we’re so very fortunate to have so many options open to us… this is getting too deep and waffling on (sorry!). I think part of my feelings of a want for change have been because my life is changing at the moment – with Charli starting school and Sophie ready for pre-school education. I am learning to embrace a new freedom that I haven’t had in the past five year’s – or yearned for. But now, the more I think about it, the more exciting it is!

Anyway, after some deep thinking, life is good right here, for the moment. Dan’s business, which he set up just over a year ago, is going really well. He’s enjoying the freedom to drive his own business and be more creative. Charli’s settled in school. Sophie’s well on her way to her first taste of independence. And me, I’m ready for embracing a new me!

Late this afternoon we pulled open the ranch-slider doors to let in the warmth of spring and awaited the visit of a lovely couple we’ve known for many year’s in Wellington. We played in the garden, ate the most gorgeous chocolates (thanks Di & Dave – please come again soon!). We enjoyed their company so much and really look forward to more entertaining in the warmer evenings.

Now excuse me whilst I top up my wine and finish watching the rugby, whilst filing down my nails intermittently with my teeth! And did the Fairy hangover cure spell work? Yes! – Though it took it’s time and the persuasion of some good company for the evening 🙂