Charlotte’s Boyfriends!

This evening, whilst paying for parking in town, one of my old ‘PIN Group’ (Parents in the Neighbourhood) ladies walked past with her delightful son, Samuel. Charlotte and Samuel gave each other a little hug after I said they used to play together as babies. As Samuel then climbed into his Mum’s car he called out, ‘Goodbye’. Charlotte responded with ‘Goodbye’, followed by, ‘I have two boyfriends in Australia called Aiden and John!’.

Aiden and John were in her life weekly from birth, but have recently moved to Australia and she obviously misses them more than I realised! One of my favourite outings with the boys, not long before they moved, was to the Zoo. Aiden and Charlotte enjoyed a little hug and held hands and were very sweet together. He went all red in the cheeks and even collapsed on the floor, temporarily love struck! Young love, hey!

With the cold Winter weather having set in this week (well, no frosts or ice on the car, but some mean southerly winds blowing through) we are really looking forward to our departure to England in a couple of weeks. We’ll have two month’s there before returning to New Zealand and if the weather here hasn’t improved by then I’ll have to look into booking some flights to the sunshine coast of Oz, so that Charlotte can rekindle that romance and I can dose up my serotonin levels!