A Fix of History

We took the girls to Skipton Castle, one of the most complete and best preserved medieval castles in England, for a real taste of history.

Living in New Zealand, but having all our family in the UK, we are always talking to the girls about their British roots. Charlotte, being older, has poured over castle books with avid interest. Holidaying in the UK has been a fantastic opportunity to make the history books come to life and she was extremely excited to explore a real castle (and Skipton Castle is over 900 year’s old!).

Charlotte’s excitement was contagious. Sophie followed closely in Charlotte’s footsteps and joined in as we pretended the castle was under attack, shooting imaginary arrows from the defense towers.

They ran through the rooms, delighting in the pictures of how life would have been hundreds of years ago. The spiral staircases (and the dungeon) were of particular fascination.

And in the brewing room the girls took one look at Daddy and said, ‘Beer’!