Spring in Wellington

When the wind blows there is a chill in the air, but the sunshine is smiling on Wellington and all rugged up there’s no stopping us from enjoying this magnificent city.

Charlotte is showing increasing talent with the camera in these beautifully composed photographs. Not bad for a young four year old! The last photograph, of the Tui, is taken by me. I think I have much to learn from my wise little daughter!

She always loves visiting the Botanical Gardens and it was our first visit since our return. With the beautiful vistas over Wellington, mixture of native and international flora, fantastic playground and the classic cable car ride, there is always so much to do. I always learn as much as the children. Today we looked for tadpoles in the ‘Wetland Walk’, marvelled at the tulips unwrapping themselves in celebration of Spring, tried to pronounce the Latin names of various plant species and delighted in baby ducklings.

Despite the sunshine I felt a little ‘flat’ midday and was yearning for adult conversation. After a couple of hours in the house and chalk drawing on the driveway I needed to get out again and so we went to a playground near Te Papa for some fresh air and digging (love a playground surrounded with sand!). Unfortunately the nip in the air was a little too strong, so gladly retreated to Te Papa.

We headed to the Te Huka ƒÅ Tai Discovery Centre, inspired by good friend Marrisa’s blog post, and whiled away a couple of educational hours. The staff there are always a marvel and of great assistance to parents trying to meet the varying interests of two differently aged children. Charlotte learned a little about weaving, recorded her own ‘Mihi‘, played a unique version of ‘noughts and crosses’ – Tuatara and Weta and enjoyed a story about Tuatara.

Meanwhile, Sophie learned some Maori vocabulary for colours, dressed up as a ‘Taniwha‘ and delighted in exploring the way life used to be for the Maori people and the awe of Te Papa’s Marae.

Wellington is such an exciting place to be with young children. There is so much for them to simply enjoy, but also to learn (and I with them). I really couldn’t be happier than being at home with my beautiful girls. Being a mother is the greatest blessing and also the greatest challenge. I am forever working to improve myself to be a better model for them. I know my imperfections and try to amend them, but the strength of will this takes I do not always find easily. A child’s respect is earned and not something to simply be expected.