Shadows of our lives

The week has ended and it’s been one of trails and challenges. A week I am glad to see the end of.

A week where Dan has had customers shout at him, products copied and systems crash.

A week where I’ve had a child reluctant to go to school, a meeting with her teacher, a visit at home from the principal to encourage her to go.

A week where Alice has needed a soothing hand on her back or a comfort feed several times every night.

A week where I’ve had to talk ‘sex education’ with my seven year old due to information she’s heard from a particular girl at school. Where she was made to feel wrong for having more than one friend who was a boy (she has always had a number of male, as well as female, friends – but now her friendships with boys are being questioned by some girls – at the age of 7!). Her friendships are of course completely platonic. She didn’t know anything else… until a certain girl at school told her graphic details of physical relationships with boys. I knew none of this until a Mum at school told me Charlotte had told her son she couldn’t be friends with him anymore… he was distraught. When I talked to Charlotte about the matter I discovered a lot more than I was prepared for.

A week where friendships have been tested, some strengthened and new ones made.

Thank goodness it’s Friday!

Shadows on Friday at the beach

Looking forward to next week and hoping for a more positive one!

Right now I am going to savour the weekend and the precious time our family has together, free of outside pressures, pulls, twists and turns.