Charlotte’s Interior Design

On a recent visit to Te Papa we listened to a curator talk about old toys. She showed us some beautiful toys made of paper, including paper dolls with various paper costumes.

Yesterday afternoon, Charlotte discovered a wonderful game on Nick Jr where you can decorate a house, print it off and then make the paper house. It was amazing to watch her do all this, totally unassisted, and marvel in how modern technology is bringing such new opportunities for learning; but the games themselves are often still on the same themes of old.

She particularly enjoyed putting different ‘friends’ in the house and was making ‘twins’ and ‘triplets’, complete with beds, tables and curtains.

Later on, she found some paper napkins and spent an hour or two cutting them along the folds to make dozens of decorative pieces, that looked like snowflakes.

I’m so loving her increasing creativity and ability to work on mini-projects like this.