Track & Lego: Simple Harmony

Charlotte went on her first Kindi excursion last week and she didn’t show a trace of nerves. On the contrary, she gloated that, ‘You can’t come. It’s for Kindi teachers and children only.’. She went to see ‘Thomas Saves the Day’ and travelled into the city, by bus, from her Kindi. She absolutely LOVED the show; and all the trains from when she was two have come back out of the drawers anew. Sophie has developed her own only natural interest in transport and so the pair of them have become little enthusiasts over the past week.

Combined with simple lego they’ve been creating whole landscapes across the living room floor. Sophie sits happily building one tower after another; whilst Charlotte designs the most amazing track configurations and lego creations. The other afternoon they played happily together for two hours. I only needed to intervene on occasion and it was a moment of real harmony. Long live those moments!

Meanwhile, over at The Dawes Household, Marrisa and Bethany have been growing a cress garden at their lego-house! Marrisa: I’m looking forward to a cuppa and a cress sandwich!