Inspiration Weekly Theme: Life

Join us on Sunday and link up here with a post inspired by the theme LIFE.

Inspiration Weekly

Charlotte’s come up with an amazing theme this week ‘LIFE’. It’s a big subject!

This week I’ve seen plenty of life in the garden, with a visit from our first Monarch butterfly of the season. It flew straight to the old swan plants from last year and landed to lay some eggs.

Monarch butterfly laying eggs on the swan plant

Seeing this beautiful butterfly, laying its eggs on last year’s swan plants, I made a trip to the garden centre to get a few new swan plants – otherwise there would have been a few very hungry caterpillars! I’ve also been busy, with my helpers, planting marigolds alongside my established strawberry plants, capsicums with geraniums, celery with cosmos flowers and corn with peas and sunflowers.

In our garden growing peas, blueberries, lettuce and more

The theme of life is also very appropriate this week as we think of the world’s population now at 7 billion.

Alice sleeping in her buggy to the sound of the birds whilst I plant

So some ideas to focus on for this theme – new life, the wisdom of a well lived life, the burden of life on the planet. You may choose to reflect on the sad or tough side of life, or celebrate the happy moments and highs of life.

You may choose to reflect on a moment or time in your own life or write about another person’s life, very different from your own. You may think of plant life, tending to vegetables and fruits in your garden, or the great forests of the planet.

Looking forward to reading, seeing or hearing what you come up with! Join us on Sunday with a poem, artwork, music or anything that is inspired by the theme ‘Life’.

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