Charlotte takes on the climbing wall!

It’s a first for Charlotte! She has mastered most of the climbing frames in Wellington and I knew she was ready for a climbing wall: so we headed to Fergs Kayaks on the waterfront. She was SO excited and a complete natural. She needed little instruction apart from a gentle reminder to not hold onto the rope.

She abseiled down skillfully kicking out from the wall with bounds of enthusiasm and mastered the wall with incredible concentration and enthusiasm. Little Sophie loved watching and was very keen to have a go, but sadly no harness small enough and she needs a little more practice at the playground first!

Dan continued to belay for Charlotte, whilst Sophie and I watched the helicopters take off and played at Frank Kitt’s playground. I had visions of a few years on with Charlotte and Sophie belaying for each other and Dan and I trying to keep up!

It seems Aunty Claire left quite an impression on her number one niece!