A Holiday at Home!

Today really felt like a holiday. The weather has been glorious and we are really revving up for our second summer in our new house. It’s great to wake up and be happy to spend the day in and around your home. This morning we took a leisurely stroll to Island Bay enjoying the stunning scenery, surf and fresh air. In the afternoon we really relaxed in the garden and the girls were such a dream that we both felt totally chilled.

Dan even managed to get a couple of hours work done – sat in the garden with his laptop! Meanwhile, I pottered in the garden and delighted in the new growth and colour.

The girls got totally drenched running in and out of the sprinkler, which brought back so many happy memories of my own childhood. And then they set to work on some serious body-art (barely any body parts were left un-painted!). Needless to say, bath time was a major scrub-up! The paint was tough to remove and the girls have gone to sleep looking like chimney-sweeps!

The sun really had us all sparkling and with a few vinos to accompany our BBQ dinner Dan couldn’t keep me away!

And even the cats were happy – sleeping off the leftovers in the sunshine (just hope we don’t find another ‘present’ on the doorstep in the morning – a BIG dead rat sat on the doormat this morning!). But I’d rather rats than birds. There are now four eggs in our mailbox!

Let’s hope this great weather continues! Last week it was great to catch up with Marrisa and Denyse and watch the children play in the sunshine. More of the same, plllease!