Guy Fawkes: A Dwindling Event?

Guy Fawkes is still celebrated in New Zealand, but the private sale of fireworks is under threat. Even in York, England, and other places in the UK there will be no big bangs and bonfires as local councils get increasingly risk-averse.

We usually stock up on a box of sparklers, to use for special events throughout the year, but due to idiots creating ‘sparkler bombs’ last year the sale of these has been limited to a small box combined in a ‘family box’ of general fireworks. Never mind, we still enjoyed our evening.

Simple pleasures delight the young:

Thankfully, Sophie had a late and long nap, so she was revved up for the evening. Charlotte was a little wired (usually goes to sleep around 7.30pm) but we managed to keep her calm with a cup of hot chocolate and a home video. We cuddled up and watched our home-footage from when Charlotte was two (and Sophie was in my tummy) of November 5th 2005. By 8.30pm dusk was falling so we headed outside for a few sparklers, whizzes and bangs. The girls loved the simple beauty (and peacefulness!) of the sparklers, but Sophie was shaking with fright at the larger fireworks! I had to retreat indoors, where she found comfort in eating the left-over vegetables from dinner! Meanwhile, Charlotte sat outside with our neighbour and Dan, chomping their way through marshmallows, watching the bigger bangs.

We then got in the car and drove up the hill to part of the Southern Walkway, over Newtown, from where we had a wonderful vantage point of the firework display over Wellington harbour. Again, Sophie was terrified, so I sat with her in the car, where she felt safe and was content to watch the colours changing without the booming sound of the fireworks echoing around the harbour. Charlotte LOVED it and was in good company with Dan and Josh.

The girls were fast asleep by 9.30pm and whilst Dan is now working away (the reality of setting up your own business – endless night’s of hard graft!) I am sat with a beer blogging to you, my dear family and friends!

Well, I hope you have had fun this Guy Fawkes (or have fun – if reading this in Northern Hemisphere over breakfast!).

The girls painting themselves like little fire-crackers earlier in the evening (and they can scream LOUDER too!):