The Stunning Kapiti Coast

On Saturday we drove up the stunning Kapiti Coast to MacKay’s Crossing, Queen Elizabeth Park, Paekakariki for the ‘Anything Vintage Vehicles and Machinery’. It was a stunning day of sunshine and fun at the fair!

With pony rides, merry-go-rounds, bouncy castles and wonderful entertainment the stage was set for a perfect day. The beautiful trams running down to the stunning coast overlooking Kapiti Island added a very special touch to our beach visit. It was very hard not to take so many photographs…

We had a beautiful time on the beach. The piles of driftwood and warm stream running to the sea created a ton of scope for play and creativity. The girls loved watching the driftwood running out to sea and paddling in its warm current.

There was a lot of talk of pony rides from both the girls, but when it came to it, neither was quite brave enough. Sophie managed to muster up the courage to briefly stroke one, rather large horse, but after that they were both happy to watch from afar and gaze in a mixture of wonder and fear!

After much fun at the fair and the beach it was time to go home – but not in the car for the girls and I! Sophie had her heart set on returning by train!

Dan took us to Paekakariki Railway Station, where we had to walk across the lines to the little station. We had a little wait for our train, so amused ourselves in the lovely little museum. We were very excited to watch this beautiful steam train puffing back and forth along one of the tracks – but alas – not the train to take us home!

The girls had tons of fun on the train, chatting to all the passengers and causing havoc (but it beat fighting in the back of the car!). We didn’t quite beat Dan back – he was there to greet us as we got of the train – a perfect end to a magic day!