Whilst hubbie’s away :(

It’s not often Dan’s had to go away on business since the girls were born; but times are a changing and thankfully they don’t give me too much trouble these days. He’s in Sydney for a few nights and so we went for a family breakfast in town before he headed off.

The girls went to bed the earliest they have all summer – asleep at 7.22pm! It’s normally close to 9.00pm! After getting cleaned up and organised for the morning my neighbour came round to lead me astray and I’m probably going to regret the extra couple of drinks in the morning!

But, it’s been a beautiful day and I shall sleep happy. We’ve had a couple of days of rain and after a bike ride in the drizzle this morning (with Charlotte’s good friend Inde) the sun came out in full-force at midday. We sunned it up at Island Bay beach and playground.

Charlotte delighted in the calm water and the many harmless ‘common’ jellyfish scattered on the beach. She kept collecting them and running up to me with glee – insisting I hold them (delightful indeed!). Sophie took a little paddle, but was more cautious and happier to dig in the sand and eat crisps (not quite at the same time – but she gave it a try!).

We’ll really miss Dan in the morning and hope he brings back lots of pressies on Saturday! Sophie is still reminiscing on her Birthday and the delight on unwrapping parcels. Charlotte keeps her sister happy by continuing to find little trinkets from the house and wrapping them up in newspaper for her – including wrapping herself up…!