A Wild Way to Get a Fix!

After an afternoon’s walk around ‘Crater’s of the Moon‘ we thought we’d fit in a visit to Huka Falls.

The gates to the carpark close at 6pm and with 10-minutes to spare we raced to the viewpoint. On our way we spotted some adrenaline pumped kayakers and couldn’t believe our luck!

Dan and Grandad promptly moved the cars outside the parking area so we could enjoy the spectacle of some seriously keen adventure sports folk!

Five kayakers challenged the Huka Falls and thankfully all lived to tell the tale.

The first kayaker over the initial rapid rolled at least eight times before coming up for air. Once the other four were well on their way Dan and I raced down to the falls to wait for the grand finale. We waited a long time… too long. We were beginning to get worried.

Finally, all five kayakers emerged over the pounding waters. My Mum and Dad had stayed further up-stream and watched one female kayaker battle an eddie five times before finally freeing herself with amazing determination and strength.

The first descent of the Huka Falls
Huka Falls, New Zealand