Circus Comes to Town

What a blast we had this afternoon! The girls watched the two hour performance with eyes wide and mouths open in absolute wonder and disbelief. They have never seen anything like what they experienced today. We weren’t sure how they’d take it and we’d set our expectations at probably not seeing the whole performance; but with front-row seats and a couple of whizzy-glow fan gizzmos (at $6 a pop each!) they were happy as a couple of clowns. I kept passing them the pop-corn and candy floss but all senses were 100% focused on the acts. A couple of scary parts spooked Sophie; but her attention was easily diverted with her ‘gizzmo’! Charlotte was quick to say, ‘They’re just puppets, it’s just a funny costume’.

At half-time they delighted in the tea-cup ride and the clown running it was worth every dollar! The girls shouted, ‘Spin us, spin us!’ and with their little beanie hats on they looked like a right double act!

The acrobatics were absolutely stunning and so beautiful to watch. The girls were in total awe with shouts of, ‘How do they DO that? They’re flying, they’re flying!’.

Then came an incredible balancing act on a stack of chairs. Sophie, having experienced a nasty fall from mucking around on a chair precariously balanced on a table, was quick to say, ‘That’s not safe!’. She was quite concerned, but her fears were allayed when I said, ‘They’re professionals, they’ve practiced this many, many times. But don’t get any ideas!’.

There were plenty of laughs, tons of gasps of wonder and apprehension (especially with the motor bike riders in the globe of death!) and good old-fashioned fun. It was a magic event to enjoy as a family and the girls were fast asleep by 7.30pm this evening blissfully happy (SJ’s probably dreaming up how to do the balancing act with the chairs at home and Charlotte will be working out how to fly!).

It was a magic afternoon and for anyone with an interest in the other acts check out the Weber Bros Circus website.