Proud Parent Day

You have to celebrate the good days when your children try their best, because they want to from their hearts, and achieve a great outcome in what they set out to do. There’s so many other days – that aren’t worth storing in the memory banks (even though they leave a torturous feeling on your nerves!).

Today was one of those proud parent days, with our eldest came 5th, in her year, in a 2.25km cross-country race (which is a great personal achievement for her, being the shortest girl in her class by far – but her little legs are dynamo!).

Cross country result

Our youngest made us proud with her wonderful supporting streak and happy nature too.

Miss 3 showing her support at cross country

And our middle daughter, who is at her happiest hanging around…

Hanging around

… got to go on the trapeze at Circus School here in Wellington! It’s not only seeing her confidence on the trapeze that makes us proud, but – above all – her overcoming her anxiety and committing to a hobby (for the first time in over a year). Circus is definitely Sophie’s ‘thing’!

She LOVES it and, as parents, we can’t thank the supportive, understanding, teachers enough. Next term Sophie is going up to the intermediate class and hopefully continues to love circus just as much! We are so thrilled to see her happy and confident doing something she loves.

Above all else, what more could a parent wish for than a child who is happy doing what they love, has the confidence to ‘go for it’ and the determination to achieve.

(And I’m really tempted to sign up for the adult ‘Hula Hoop’ and ‘Circus Fit’ classes for next term!)