Which one is a tomato sauce fanatic?

We were at the Zoo the other afternoon and when I went to order hot chips (how else do you have them?!) I asked for one with copious tomato sauce and the other without. The lady said, “I can guess which one is the tomato sauce fan!” – she was wrong! Can you really tell which child loves it simply by looking at them? Well, which one do you think is the tomato sauce fan? The same child also loves marmite and cheese – but the other detests it (just like her father!).

We were at the Zoo to see the new boy giraffe – only one year old – that had been transported by ship from Christchurch. He seemed to be settling in really well. It’s hoped he’ll be a love match for the four-year old girl – but he’s got a few years growing to do till he’s ready to mate – plenty of time for pre-nup romance!